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Sonic Adventure 2 - Sonic's Shoes
Many of you probably know that Sonic wears different shoes (SOAP shoes) in Sonic Adventure 2 as part of a sponsorship deal with Soap, and introduce the concept of grinding. However, early in development, it wasn't this way. Sonic still wore his classic buckle shoes, and they can be seen in early screenshots for the game, and in the E3 2000 trailer.

[Image: Shadow-Adventure-2-2.jpg]
[Image: 176-Sonic_Adventure_2-6.jpg]
[Image: sonic_adventure_2_004.jpg]

Even then, the shoes weren't fully removed from the final product. During the intro cutscene in the Hero's Story (in which Sonic escapes from the GUN helicopter) Sonic can clearly be seen wearing the buckles shoes, however by the end, he is wearing the SOAP shoes.

(Skip to 1:10)

This was fixed in the Gamecube version.

(skip to 1:40)
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