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Suikoden's Yuber and Pesmerga.
In Kurdish, Yuber's name means "shade", while his nemesis' name, Pesmerga, means "those who confront death".

This is notable, as Yuber's presence in the titles is highly reflected around death and murder.

Peshmerga is a term used by Kurds when referring to armed Kurdish fighters. At the time of writing, this is notable, as a number of Peshmerga fighters are battling ISIS.

During the games, Pesmerga compares Yuber to the likes of a shadow.
[Image: LXHJX6j.gif] The Divine Comedy - Our Mutual Friend [Image: LXHJX6j.gif]
On our friend's settee, she told me that she really liked me
And I said, "Cool... the feeling's mutual"
We played old 45's, and said it's like the soundtrack to our lives
And she said, "True, it's not unusual" - then privately we danced
We couldn't seem to keep our balance... A drunken haze had come upon us

We sank down to the floor, and we sang a song that I can't sing anymore
And then we kissed, and fell unconscious...
I woke up the next day, all alone but for a headache
I stumbled out to find the bathroom...
But all I found was her, wrapped around another lover
No longer then is he our mutual friend
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