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Sonic Adventure 2 - Sound Incosistencies
Sonic Adventure 2 is imfamous for the terrible sound mixing, and the problems of lines cutting each other off.
While sound mixing is still a problem (the music is way too loud), In Japanese version of the game lines that were cut off aren't. This is because the phrases take longer to say in English, but the cut scenes weren't extended in the English version to compensate, and the Japanese voice cues are still used, so even when the line isn't finished, another line will play.
The best example of this is the cut scene before the fight with Sonic/Shadow in Green Forest/White Jungle.

(Skip to 3:57)

(Skip to 12:39)

Shadow finishes his line in the Japanese version, but it is cut short by Sonic in the English version.

Also funny tidbit, In the final Sonic v. Shadow, Shadow will say "This is the ultimate power!" However, due to sound clip overlapping once again, He will only say "This is the ultimate---". In the Japanese version, this does not happen, and he will say the full phrase. (Skip to around 44:50 in the Second video. Have CC on to see the translations.)
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