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Majora's Mask 3D Refrence in Link Betweeen Worlds
This one was actually discovered by my cousin, who owned the game before me, and it may be a secret reveal of the long awaited Majora's Mask remake.

It involves some easter eggs already been found (and some already on this site.) but no one really knows WHY the're there.

What I'm refearing to is the numorus refrences other Zelda games in Link's House (But most are removed when Ravio turns it into his shop)
They are (in order) a painting of the crawfish on link's shirt from Wind waker, A portait of the Ocarina of Time from OOT, and Majora's Mask itself.
While somepeople think Majora's Mask maybe refrencing a remake but now let's focus on the other 2 paintings.
Mostly, the games there refrencing, Wind Waker and OOT. The thing is, Wind Waker and OOT were the last game's to be remade, for the WiiU and 3DS respectivley. And wih Majora's Mask being the next on the wall, it's most likley a refrence to what's next.

So what do you guys think?
I checked this out, and despite it mainly being about Tezuka wanting to make a Mario Sunshine sequel, but he mentions wanting to make a Majoras Mask re-make. With what you said here, its probably going to be a HD re-release.

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