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Courtney Cox & Bethesda
Actress Courtney Cox, best known for playing Monica Geller from The TV Sitcom "Friends", briefly worked for Bethesda in the 1980s. She (alongside with David Arquette, Odette Yustman, Ben Harper and the Zenimax board of directors) later helped host the Fallout 3 launch party in October 18th, 2008.

Quote:Actress Courtney Cox worked at Bethesda briefly in the 1980s.

Quote:Bethesda is throwing a radiation-hot launch party for Fallout 3 next Saturday in Los Angeles, complete with even more Vault Boy retro graphics. The party features headline music by the Foo Fighters, and it's hosted by Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Odette Yustman, Ben Harper, and it's being co-hosted by the Bethesda / Zenimax board of directors, which includes bigwig producer Jerry Bruckheimer, bigwig CBS president Les Moonves, bigwig MGM president Harry Sloan and and bigwig baseballer Cal Ripken, Jr.

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