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Earthbound: Ness' Name
This is something I just noticed while posting my last forum post. It's one of those thing that are right there in front of your face, hidden in plane sight, but it's still are awesome just the same.
Have you ever thought about Ness name?
Think about it. Ness. Now say that out loud.
Ring any bells?
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That's right, similarly to how the original MOTHER's protagonist's name was Ninten, (an obvious nod to Nintendo) Ness' name is a clear reference to the Nintendo Entertainment System! (or NES for short)

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I believe it's really a nod to the super nintendo.


Same number of letters as well as the same letters.
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Needs more source.
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Without some more suggestive evidence I don't think we can accept this. It could be a reference to anything, even though something Nintendo related seems like the obvious choice.

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