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Super Princess Peach/ Legendary Starfy
The enemy "Starfish" from Super Princess Peach is a reference to Starfy of the Legendary Starfy series, as his bio states he his a star-shaped foe rumored to be a prince of a kingdom, and all his sprites are ripped for the Legendary Starfy, except sunglasses are added. Both games were developed by TOSE.

Super Princess Peach Enemy Sprite Sheet.

Starfy Sprite Sheet
Looks legit. Could we get a picture of the enemy bio from Super Princess Peach?
I assure you, there will be quality. Immense quantities of quality!
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[Image: D680973D-AAB3-41F7-8F9B-63879F7B87E6_zpsl0dczxbb.png]
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(06-04-2014, 11:10 PM)Takahashi2212 Wrote: [Image: D680973D-AAB3-41F7-8F9B-63879F7B87E6_zpsl0dczxbb.png]

Ya, that's definitely Stafy/Starfy. I'm surprised this wasn't uploaded yet
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