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Random Worms Trivia: Spadge
Boggy B's friend Spadge is most likely a nod to Team17 co-founder Martyn Brown whose nickname is Spadge. This nickname is even mentioned in the Wormopedia in Worms World Party. The airstrike weapon MB Bomb is also named after Brown, which is what the Wormopedia entry in World Party refers to.

Part of the Wormopedia entry:
"The MB Bomb is so called because it was named after Martyn Brown (AKA Spadge), the head of development and production at Team17 Software. The weapon is a graphical representation of the man himself, and thought to be rather uncanny by certain unnamed employees of Team17."




Since I'm unable to find any pictures or footage of Spadge as he appears in the original game as part of the Team17 team, here's the Wormsong from the first game. Spadge is mentioned at 2:05

The MB Bomb:
[Image: Wormopedia-38.png]
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