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Even MORE Ghostbusters: The Video Game Trivia
The following information comes from Jesse Sosa. He was a Senior Character Artist at Terminal Reality. He goes by “skankerzero” online.

1. Jason Hawes and Adam Berry from the TV Series Ghost Hunters were originally going to be in the video game, but were removed before the game was released.

“The two guys in the elevator after the Stay Puft street stage are two Sony executives. They were originally supposed to be the two guys from Ghost Hunters. We made the heads and everything, but couldn't work out all the legal stuff in time, so we defaulted to the Sony execs that wanted to be in the game.” - Jesse Sosa, “skankerzero”

[Image: gb_ghosthunters.jpg]

Picture From Forum Post:

2. The two security guards in the opening movie are modelled after Character Designers Jesse Sosa and Ian McIntosh. Originally, the two security guards were to be modeled after present day Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, hence their names Dan and Harold.


3. The Rookie’s likeness was originally modeled after level designer Eric Schatz, but his likeness was removed because the animators felt his in-game model looked too similar to Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life Series.

[Image: UnknownRookieGBTVGe3Trailersc01edit_zpsa9fbacb2.png]

^^^This piece of trivia is posted on multiple websites. On the gbfans forums, Jesse Sosa confirms that the face in the e3 2008 trailer belongs to Eric Schatz.

4. There was originally going to be a Character Creator in the game, but the idea was scrapped because the cinematics had to be pre-rendered.

“We tried to do a character creator but decided against it when we found that we had to pre-render our cinemats.” –Jesse Sosa, “skankerzero”


The following information comes from Ian McIntosh, another Senior Character Artist.

5. The faces of the Ghostbusters were not 3D scans of the actors’ heads. They were rendered with graphics software using references from still shots in the movie.

“I sculpted the likenesses by hand in Maya using photo reference that I collected from dvds and off of the internet.” –Ian McIntosh, Senior Character Artist

and LOTS more besides that, but I've spent too long on this already. I'll sift through Mr. Sosa's other posts later, he likes to share :)
One more thing relating to Ghostbusters, but this time for the terrible Sanctum of Slime game: The guy on the cover is holding the Proton Pack upside-down.

[Image: AgsEutA.png]

You had one job...

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