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a little skullgirls thing
Not sure if this is anything worthwhile but thought I'd post it anyway.

[Image: 2467098-6035434868-tumbl.png]

[Image: Ib2pd.png]

While the obvious Double references with the middle glass depicting her human and the statue her monster form, the left and right glasses represent Venus and Aeon, the goddesses of space and time, respectively. Both had their chances of being DLC characters during the Indiegogo campaign but were eventually not chosen and both can be seen in Double's ending.

Character profiles can be found here

Wiki mentioning the Double images

Double ending, spoilers

[Image: DLC_Venus.png]
[Image: DLC_Aeon.png]
They should have won the campaign, Dammit!
I just realized I could've added pictures for the goddesses on the actual thing, too. Added.
Another skullgirls thing: Umbrella's (Parasoul's sister) design seems to be inspired by the mascot of U.S. salt-producing company Morton Salt.

[Image: 300px-Umbrella_concept.jpg]
[Image: Morton_Umbrella_Girl.png]

It's a bit of a stretch, but they did make a poster and t-shirt about it.

[Image: Mad_Salt__95706.1372019622.850.1133.jpg?c=2]
[Image: mad_salt_black__73161.1394997976.850.1133.jpg?c=2]
That's not a stretch if the shirt is official.
I was just gonna ask, is that official merch?

EDIT: Just checked and found this through the official Skullgirls site http://www.eightysixedclothing.com/skullgirls/ The shirt design is about halfway through the page.
ANOTHER Skullgirls reference:

Fukua's recently added story mode ending is a reference to Twin Peaks ending.(Skip to 8:25)

I'm not completely sure on this, but the fact that Annie appears makes me believe this.

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