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Ghostbusters Video Game Fan-Film Reference
So if you you look around in the top floor of the Firehouse
in both the PS3 and X360 versions of the Ghostbusters: Video Game, you might come across this picture:
[Image: IMG_0235.jpg]
It reads:
"To Uncle Egon From Ed"
With a drawing of a Ghostbuster with Spikey Blond-ish Hair.
Obviously not any of the Ghostbusters, right?

Well in 2007 There was a (quite impressive and popular) Ghostbusters Fan-Film made by
Braxtan Films called "Return of the Ghostbusters" which starred the Denver Ghostbusters,
one of them being Ed Spengler, the Nephew of Egon.
Not enough proof this a reference yet?
Well here's the picture of Ed:
[Image: ed_spengler_from_return_of_the_ghostbust...5s26q3.jpg]
Both pictures even have the PKE Goggles of their head!
This easter egg is a great example of Creators Acknowledging fans.
So what do you guys think?
(Also if any of you want to see the full film, here it is:
Nice find, though I can say I have never heard of the fan film before.
Nice find! I didn't know about this movie either, I'll give it a watch later.

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