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Another Lamiroir reference in the newest AA
I previously made a post about Apollo's ringtone being the same as the Guitar's Serenade, now I have a piece having to do with Lamiroir's outfit.

This is Juniper Woods' sketch for the outfit she was going to wear when singing at the Gavinner's return concert:
[Image: 20140222_125100_zpsf34f1d64.jpg?t=1397813578]

This is Lamiroir's stage outift:
[Image: 170px-Lamiroir_OA.png]

Yep, it's almost exactly the same. Coincidentally she was going to be singing Guitar's Serenade, the same song Lamiroir featured in in Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice.

Weirdly enough, neither Apollo, Trucy nor Klavier make any mentions about the dress despite having actually met Lamiroir, who is never even mentioned during the case. For reference, this is also mentioned on the AA Wiki.
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