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Creepy gaming stuff.
Discuss the things that have genuinely creeped you out in video games, whether it was intentional or not ("not" being glitches and the like).

One time a couple of years ago, I turned on my original PlayStation to play some Ape Escape, when the console experienced a BIOS crash as it reached the PlayStation logo screen. At first, I just knocked it off as being a simple, ordinary screen freeze, until I realized that there were faint sounds coming from the television. When I turned the volume up to a considerable level, I noticed that there was a distinct sequence of buzzes, blips, and bloops coming from the audio output, and it would repeat that particular sequence of sounds indefinitely until I eventually turned the console off. At the time, I didn't own any high-quality audio recording equipment, so I decided to use my old laptop's sound recorder to record it from my television. This video was the result:

I should also mention that such a thing has not happened since then, so I have been curious as to how it was caused. Someone mentioned in the comments section that it could be due to bad RAM, or another who said that it could be due to a short in the motherboard and soundboard, but I am not certain.
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