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More Resident Evil Outbreak trivia
Resident Evil Outbreak name change

Before settling for "Outbreak" the game was first named Resident Evil Online, which then got changed to Network Biohazard. It is also possible that these could have been titles specifically made to refer the Japanese version (Network) and Western version (Online). More details on that in the article link after the video.

Trailer for Biohazard Online. Note that it is posted by Biohaze so it's not just some fan made video.

Also from Biohaze, here's an article detailing the different versions of the game:

Additional links:
A Gamespot article referring to the game as "Resident Evil Online"
Development page on RE Wiki

The original titles:
[Image: beta_netbio.jpg]
[Image: Americanlogo.jpg]

Outbreak servers revived

After 2½ years since the last Outbreak servers were shut down in Japan (and 6 years after the same happened in the US) fans have brought the servers back up. This only applies to Japan at the moment since the packet captures for NTSC/U and PAL regions are missing.

RE Wiki section with the shut-down dates at the bottom

An article about the revival on Polygon

An article about the revival on Rely on Horror

Outbreak server website

Note that this is not a pirated project but an actual server being run somewhere and the project team discourages piracy, saying they restarted the servers in order to play the official release online.

Beta scenarios

Originally there were around 20 scenarios planned for the game and a bunch more playable characters, be it costumes or otherwise. However, a lot of these got cut during the development process and eventually the remaining ones got divided into two seperate games with the 8 character main cast staying consistent in both.

Here are three articles I found detailing the game's beta. The number of scenarios ranges from 12 to 20 but it's safe to say that it was more than the 10 (plus Outbreak Revisited from File#2) that we got.

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