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Yoshi rock formation in Twilight Princess
I came across a few things saying that there is a rock formation in Lake Hylia by the giant stone bridge that looks like Yoshi. It has to be viewed from by a chasm in the Gerudo Desert. However, I've looked around a bit but cannot find any solid proof of this, especially a video or picture. Anybody got an idea where I can find at least a pic?
pics plz
This is a pic I found of the supposed 'Yoshi" rock. I vote it's not really a yoshi rock.
[Image: 2097.full.jpg]
Because doesn't allow sharing, here's the above image on imgur;
[Image: ltf1Rug.jpg]
Looks like a coincidence to me, just like how we got reports of Majora's Mask being in the cliffs when it was actually just this
I have to agree DYKG, its seem too coincidental. I would feel more confident if it was verified by a developer or representative. Thank you everyone for the assistance, but I'm gonna put this in trivia limbo for now until further clarified.

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