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Sonic's Music
Several songs in the Sonic series use a version of the "Amen Break" a type of drum solo as the main beat of the song. Several examples include A New Venture(Surfin S.R.A. Remix), Aquarium Park Act 1, and Cool Edge - Day.
You may recognize it as it is used at the beginning of the Powerpuff Girls.

The song "Wrapped in Black" from Sonic Rush sounds note-for-note like Snow Town Raynu from Grandia. I've seen things that say they're both based on some Japanese song, but I've found no evidence of such a song existing. Consider Naganuma's track record of sampling songs, this isn't really out of the realm of what he would do (I mean, he did the same thing with Louie, Louie and Back 2 Back)

(Snow Town Raynu)

(Wrapped in Black)
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