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Street Fighter Characters Origin
This isn't exactly a new piece of trivia, but more like obvious and never verified ones.

As a big fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, I feel like people should know where some design choices probably come from. Aside from Capcom making the first fighting game for the series, they also seem to be pretty big fans as some characters seem to be based on characters from the comic:

I'll start with the probably most known one: Guile and Rudolph Stroheim

[Image: guile_stroheim.jpg]

Aside from the VERY similar hairstyle, both are in the army, Guile being an american soldier and Stroheim being a nazi. Their personalities don't match at all, but it seems pretty likely one was the inspiration for another already.

Now, even more likely is Rose and Lisa Lisa:

[Image: Rose_Lisa.png]

Similar hairstyle, similar personality, both use a really long scarf for their attacks and both live in Italy. One of Rose's alternate costume for SSIV greatly resembles one that Lisa Lisa wears during the comic. I think this one was confirmed once, but I don't recall it exactly. But it seems very likely.

The last one is probably the less obvious one, but I think it's worth mentioning:

[Image: Juri_Jolyne_Kujo.jpg]

They don't look terribly alike, but Juri's outfit is very similar to what Jolyne Kujo wears for most of her arc in the comic. Also they both have that weird hair thing at both ends. Their personalities aren't similar at all though.

What do you guys think? Is it reading too much? Irrelevant? Biased? I'm crazy? I would like to hear more opinions on this~
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