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Some GTA Trivia I'm Not Sure About
So I submit a lot of GTA trivia, a lot. But some of the stuff I find I'm not sure about. Like, in IV's data there's a texture (most likely going to be used as a reflection or something of the sort) that looks like it has a beta radar. Down where the radar should be, there's a rectangular radar, and it still has the center point of the radar where the player would be positioned. It kind of looks like it was be modeled after a phone.
[Image: radar_zps8ee60409.png]

In VCS's data, there is an unused map icon of a phone. It resembles the assassination contracts icon from VC. This could suggest assassination missions that were cut?
[Image: phone_zps7bca189f.png]

In LCS, there's an unused weapon icon resembling the Ruger from VC. Due to the state of the icon, it was probably scrapped early, most likely in favor of the AK.
[Image: GTALCS-Ruger_alpha.png]

Again, in IV, there's a texture that looks like an early build of Middle Park.It lacks trees here and notice the two untextured areas.
[Image: middlepark_zps80edfdad.png]

Strange find in IV, but it's in the files. As if we didn't have enough games with zombies in them, there's an icon titled zombie.wtd. Zombie mode that was cut or something?
[Image: zombie_zpsdd1eb3ec.png]

That's all I have for now, but that's all I've done this weekend because I've been snowed in and had no games that I wanted to play.
In the mission "Waste the Wife", Tommy was hired by Mr. Black to kill his employer's wife, Mrs. Dawson. This was an inspiration and reference to the movie "Commando (1985 film)", when Tommy attempts to crash Mrs. Dawson's car, the same way "Matrix (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger)" attempts to crash "Sully's (played by David Patrick Kelly)" car, which by the way, is the same yellow car they both are driving. And also, Mrs. Dawson whines in fear, just as "Cindy (played by "Rae Dawn Chong)", did in the movie.

This mission is a reference to Commando in a scene where Matrix & the woman who complains a lot, chasing Sully with their cars.


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