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Simpsons: The Land of Chocolate
Just accepted this trivia item submitted by DeerBoarDude, and decided to do some more digging.

In The Simpsons: Hit & Run, there are three music tracks internally labeled as "land_of_choc_main", "land_of_choc_end_neg", and "land_of_choc_end_pos". The Cutting Room Floor claims that this song is played during the mission "There's Something About Monty", and it would appear that this song is probably "land_of_choc_main".

It would also appear that the embedding code on the forums (and the site) doesn't support mid-video start times. Take the previous link, or jump to 1:47 in the following video:

This song, or a very similar one, was later used for the level called "The Land of Chocolate" in The Simpsons Game, which shares the same writers (Matt Selman, Tim Long, Matt Warburton), but a different developer, publisher, and composer.

It's probable that a level somewhat like that seen in The Simpsons Game was originally intended to appear in The Simpsons: Hit & Run, and when that level was cut, the song was reused for something else. However, when the original chocolate level idea was later used in a later game, they re-reused the music originally written for it.

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