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The real world basis for Wargame: European Escalation's campaigns.
There are 5 campaigns in Wargame: European Escalation (one of them was added later as free DLC). Four of them are clearly based of real world events that nearly brought about World War three.
  • 1975 Brüder gegen Brüder National People’s Army soldier Werner Weinhold leaves two dead East German border guards in his successful escape attempt to West Germany. East German authorities demanding for the soldier to be repatriated, eventually leading to war between West and East Germany.
  • 1981 Dabrowski's Mazurka Fearing the rising popularity of free union Solidarit, Polish head of state General Wojciech Jaruzelski orders Martial law in Poland. When miners from the Wujek mines in Katowice answer the declaration of Martial Law with a strike, paramilitary militias and army units are sent to break the strike by force.
  • 1983 Able Archer NATO organizes a multinational military exercise called "ABLE ARCHER 83". Soviet leaders believe "ABLE ARCHER" to be a smokescreen for an actual NATO attack on the Warsaw Pact.
  • 1979 Fatal Error (DLC) A NORAD tech was running simulations for a large nuclear strike from the Soviet Union, however he forgets to run the program as a simulation...

The fourth one of the five takes place after the bombs drop, and says that the cause is irrelevant. All that matters is vengeance.
Quote:Which side has fired first? Or why? No one knows, but no one cares anymore. In the following days of a nuclear war that has wiped out most European cities, the survivors from both sides are only obsessed with survival ... and vengeance.
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