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A couple of references I found in AA5
I have kind of an OCD with details so I'll be posting these as I play through the game.

First thing I noticed was Apollo's ringtone being the Guitar's Serenade by Gavinners feat. Lamiroir from Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice.

Original video from AA4:

Apollo's ringtone (good quality):

The actual scene from AA5 (poor quality):

The second thing I found was a Twilight reference in the TV guide Apollo finds in the mansion foyer during the second case. I'll leave a screencap as an attachment.

Timestamped for your convenience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0rSHhqRQTw#t=1h15m15s

That's all I have right now, just thought I'd post these when I still remember.

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