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Duck Hunt... Was not A video game first
[Image: 01.jpg]

What you are looking at is a Nintendo made Duck Hunt from 1977 (first released in 1976) that was for use at home, and was a Laser Clay Shooting system spinoff. It is a light gun game. You shot at ducks that were projected AT YOUR WALL IN YOUR HOME with a light gun. The Laser Clay Shooting System was actually first used by Nintendo in 1973 and set up as an arcade in several closed bowling allies. However, someone had to stay behind the screen and personally delete the hit targets in the first Light Gun game Nintendo made. You aimed at clay pigeons, and 3 years later Nintendo used the same technology to create a home version and gave it a Duck theme instead. That home system is what you see above.

So, when Nintendo switched to video games, and of the first things they designed for the NES was a remake of their popular home toy. Pretty neat, huh?

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