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N. Oxide
Hate to say this, BUT N. Oxide was NEVER meant to be playable. For odd reasons, he can be accessed by Gameshark on certain levels, but that was never planned. Don't believe me? Hear it directly from game designer Evan Wells himself at the 5:10 mark.
I had this exact same thought, and I thought it may have been due to what he says around 5:35, about how it couldn't be done due to the memory limitations of the Playstation, but he only says they considered it.
I've updated the relevant trivia to incorporate this information. However, are you aware that your video links to a copy of the original video?
No idea why. I did not originally submit that trivia. I am not sure who did. I first reported it, and then later created this thread when I did not receive a response.

I am not responsible for the original trivia, that was submitted by another person, that stated N. Oxide was a playable character in game, nor do I know what source they used.
The original reporter used The Cutting Room Floor for their source, but your information was more accurate, and included a video (with actual developer statement!), which enhances the trivia item, so I rewrote it and changed the submitter to you. However, I hunted down the original source of your video (the one in your post here in this thread), and included that as the source instead. Note the difference in the video IDs.
Your post: KODHlFmBQ6Y
Original: -r-oaaWsPE8

I didn't want to give the person who copied the video any more views, when they should be going to the original creators of the video.

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