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Super Mario 3D World Beta Captain Toad Changes
So I just got Super Mario 3D World and am LOVING IT!
It's the most original Mario game I've played since Super Mario Galaxy!
One of my favorite things about it are the Captain Toad Levels and I was playing one today when I watched the E3 Announcement Trailer. Then I saw that the Final version was a bit different than the Trailer's version so I thought I'd share the diffrences with you guys.

For Comparison here is...

Gamexplain's analisis of the E3 Trailer (Beta):
Gameplay of Final Version:

I recommend watching them both before continuing.

OK, first I would like to point out he obvious is that in the Trailer, the icon for Captain Toad is of a plain old Red Toad that is lacking the Headlamp and Backpack of the Final.

Secondly, is the design of Captain Toad himself!
In the trailer he looks Identical to his design in Super Mario Galaxy. (Just a Toad with red polka dots, a red shirt, backpack & headlamp.) But Nintendo decided to revamp him with an explorer coat and red handkerchief! (Though the backpack & headlamp remain unchanged.)

Oh, and did I mention that the Captain Toad theme is the same theme as the Toad Bergade from Super Mario Galaxy? (Which he was the self-appointed leader of.) It's a nice touch!

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