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May's bandana
May is the only player character in the Pokemon series to not wear a hat. She wears a bandana, while everyone else wears a hat.
[Image: PlayerCharactersGrouped.png]
Except for the characters that are clearly wearing visors, and not hats.
Is the male for hoenn's thing a hat? I was never sure.
Brendan? Yeah, it's a knit cap, he has black hair underneath. It's a common misconception.
I'm assuming that Taka means the main series characters and not the spin off characters. Most of the Spin off characters don't wear hats at all.
Wes and Michael From Pokemon Colosseum wear Glasses/Goggles and a headband.

[Image: 90px-Colosseum_Wes_3D.png][Image: 90px-XD_Michael.png]

Mark and Mint from the Trading Card games wear Bandanas like May.
[Image: TCG1_Mark.png][Image: TCG2_Mint.png]

Lunick, Solana, Kellyn, Kate, Ben and Summer from Pokemon Ranger wear either headbands, Goggles or nothing.
[Image: Ra_Lunick_f.png][Image: Ra_Solana_f.png]
[Image: Soa_Kellyn_top_f.png][Image: Soa_Kate_top_f.png]
[Image: Gs_Ben_f.png][Image: Gs_Summer_f.png]

Todd Snap does not have a hat.
[Image: 90px-Toddsnap.png]

The only one's that do are Lucy Fleetfoot from Trozei!/Link! (who wears a beret in her "playable form," but other wise does not have a hat) and the heroes from Conquest (I'm not sure what you would call what they are wearing, but I don't think it a hat).

[Image: Lucy_Fleetfoot_trozei.png][Image: 100px-Lucy_Fleetfoot_trozei_2.png]
[Image: Conquest_Hero_I.png][Image: Conquest_Heroine_I.png]
I don't know what they're called, I think mabizashi but I'm not sure, but those greatly resemble the crests of samurai kabuto.
(12-19-2013, 03:55 AM)Dazz Wrote: Except for the characters that are clearly wearing visors, and not hats.
Isn't a visor a type of hat?
A visor is as much a hat as a bandana or scarf is.

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