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Animal Crossing Wild World & Super Smash Bros. Melee Trivia
(I know this site doesn't work the same way as DYKG, but I thought it would be easier to link one place as the source, instead of several different threads.)

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, one of the Messages of the Week will say "Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird is the word." a reference to the song Bird is the Word by the Trashmen.
[Image: HNI_0066_zps2e865f01.jpg]

In the Special Video of Melee, during the Adventure Mode portion of the video, you see that Samus' Morph Ball Bombs sport a wider design that in the final version. However, in Samus' portion of the Special Movie, we see the final design of them.
[Image: MorphBallbombs_zps65b7a691.png]

In Melee, Ness' Yoyo says "Dolphin Loop. Nintendo 2001." A reference to the Gamecube. In Brawl it says " Mother. Super Nintendo 2008." A reference to Brawl's release.
[Image: images_zpsc4046510.jpg]

[Image: Ness_Yoyo_Glitch_SSBB.png]

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