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Donkey Kong Country
Everyone who has grown up playing Donkey Kong Country has seen this screen many times.

Did you notice what Cranky is standing on? Red Girders. From the original Donkey Kong. That's a nice touch that many people have noticed, but did you know that the music also has a Donkey Kong reference in it? It is the same as the NES Donkey Kong game, before Donkey Kong comes in and turns it into a remix of the song.

Nice research RARE.
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I hate to naysay on someone's trivial suggestions, but this isn't really... I mean the point of all that was that Cranky (Who is supposedly the original Donkey Kong, with the protagonist of this game being DK Jr's son) is passing the torch onto Donkey Kong Country.
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Yeah, its symbolism, so its good trivia. Not everyone's gonna get the reference. I mean heck, on the Fallout 3 page it states that one some wall you can see "fuck you" written in blood.
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