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Dynasty Warriors (1) References
=Character/Weapons Minutiae=
-Zhao Yun-
Zhao Yun's weapon is called the Spear of Shadow; in the novel Zhao Yun does use a spear, however he also steals Cao Cao's Qinggang [Black Pommel] sword (usually called the Sword of Light in other KOEI games) during the battle of Changban and begins using that afterward as well.

-Guan Yu-
Guan Yu's weapon is called the Crescent Glaive, based on his historical weapon named in the novel as the Green-Dragon Sabre (also called Green Dragon Crescent Blade).

-Zhang Fei-
Zhang Fei's weapon is called the Cobra, based on his historical weapon named in the novel as the Octane-Serpent Halberd (also called just Serpent Lance).

-Xiahou Dun-
Xiahoud Dun's weapon is called the Spectrum Sword. It is a wide-bladed Scimitar, similar to a falchion. Xiahou Dun was known to use both spear and club, but certainly not a Arabic sword that hadn't been invented, yet.

-Dian Wei-
Dian Wei's weapon is called the Battle Ax. It is a battle axe which he couples with a buckler on his other arm. It is inspired by the fact that during a battle when he was stripped of his famous dual halberds he picked up a handful of hatchets and threw them with uncanny accuracy killing over a dozen enemy warriors as they approached him.

-Xu Zhu-
Xu Zhu's weapon is called the Mortal Thorns. This weapon is based off the 'barbarian' warrior Sha Moke's weapon, usually referred to as the Spear of Mortal Thorns in other KOEI Three Kingdoms games.
As with many of KOEI's series regarding the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Xu Zhu's name is misspelled.  The proper Romanization of his name 許褚 is Xu Chu.

-Zhou Yu-
Zhou Yu's weapon is called the Ancestral Sword. It is based off of the sword Sun Quan uses to slice a rock in half in the novel that his father, Sun Jian, had carried - referred to as the Gu Ding Sword (Guding was supposedly a place known for high-quality iron weapons in ancient China), other KOEI games usually refer to the weapon as the Ancestral Sword.

-Lu Xun-
Lu Xun's weapons are called the Phantom Swords. They are a pair of Jian swords, however in the novel Lu Xun is more of a civil official and general and does not participate in much, if any, personal combat.

-Taishi Ci-
Taishi Ci's weapons are called the Steel Tusks and are a pair of rebar-type iron rods. They are based off of Taishi Ci's short-halberds which he wore on his back when he dueled against Sun Ce; in the novel he wielded a spear and after grappling with Sun Ce one of them uses his short-halberd while the other uses Sun Ce's helmet. In the novel they were represented as sickle-bladed polearms, similar to a smaller version of Lu Bu's weapon.

-Diao Chan-
Diao Chan wieleds a pair of clubs called the Enchanted Maces. In reality Diao Chan was a seductress assigned to break Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu apart and she never engaged in any battle.

-Zhuge Liang-
Zhuge Liang's weapon is a white feather fan called the Spirit of Thunder. Zhuge Liang never engaged in personal combat in the novel, but he is famed for always carrying a white feather fan with him; though it was not named.

-Cao Cao-
Cao Cao's weapon is called the Sword of Oracle. It is a Jian sword and is usually called the Sword of Heaven in other KOEI games.

-Lu Bu-
Lu Bu's weapon is called the Halberd of Eclipse. It is based on his historical weapon which appears in the novel - sickle-bladed halberd - the Trident Halberd (also called Sky Piercer). In other KOEI games it is often called the Lunar Spear or the Spear of Eclipse.

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