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Dynasty Warriors (1) References
In the original Dynasty Warriors game for the PS1 (Sengoku Musou in Japan) the game had 3 playable characters for each faction as well as an unassociated faction (Other):
[Image: Dynasty+Warriors+06.jpg]
Zhao Yun
Guan Yu
Zhang Fei

Xiahou Dun
Dian Wei
Xu Zhu

Zhou Yu
Lu Xun
Taishi Ci

Diao Chan

The game also had 3 unlockable bosses:
Shu: Zhuge Liang (Condition: Beat the game as all three Shu characters - Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei)
Wei: Cao Cao (Condition: Beat the game as all three Wei characters - Xiahou Dun, Dian Wei, and Xu Zhu)
Other: Lu Bu (Condition: Beat the game as Diao Chan and all three Wu characters - Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, and Taishi Ci)*Wu did not have a boss character associated with its faction.

There were also three special unlockable characters with codes:
Sun Shang Xiang - Played with Zhou Yu's fighting style; based off of the ruler of Wu's sister; unlocked by button sequence.
Nobunaga - Played with Lu Bu's fighting style; based off the 16th Century warlord Oda Nobunaga; unlocked by button sequence after beating the game as Lu Bu.
Toukichi - Played with Cao Cao's fighting style; based off a cartoonish form of 16th century warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi - earlier in life he was known as Kinoshita Tokichiro; unlocked by button combination after beating the game as Nobunaga.

Citations: For translation notes. On the right side there is a free download of the novel (zipped), contains much of the information I'll be referenceing if you want to read the whole 800,000 novel. :) High-Quality scan of the original instruction manual.

The game was divided into 7 different stages: Chang Ban, Guan Du, Chi Bi (Red Wall), Phoenix Palace, Great Hall-Shang Yong, Wu Zhang Plains, and Hu Lao Gate...
Shu characters Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun fought at different times of day (Morning, Afternoon, and Dusk) at the Chang Ban stage.
Wei characters Xiahou Dun, Dian Wei, and Xu Zhu fought at different times of day (M, A, D) at the Guan Du stage.
Wu characters Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, and Taishi Ci fought at different times of day (M, A, D) at the Chi Bi (Red Wall) stage.
Unaffiliated character Diao Chan fought at the Phoenix Palace stage.
Wei boss Cao Cao fought in the Great Hall-Shang Yong stage.
Shu boss Zhuge Liang fought in the Wu Zhang Plains stage.
Final Boss Lu Bu fought in the Hu Lao Gate stage.

-Chang Ban (208)-
Historically when Cao Cao (founder of eventual 'Wei' faction) moved his army south he defeated Liu Bei's (later founded 'Shu' faction) forces and chased him southward.  Liu Bei's army staged a rearguard action at the Bowang slope (also called Battle of Dangyang).  During this battle Zhang Fei made a valiant stand at Changban bridge where he used trickery and bravado to stop Cao Cao's army and Zhao Yun rode deep into enemy lines to rescue Liu Bei's infant son.  Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang also participated in the battle on the 'Shu' side of things, including Guan Yu leading an ambush of Cao Cao's forces (at least in the novel version, perhaps not historically).  No Wu officers participated in the battle as Wu was not involved in the war between the Cao and Liu factions, yet.  Wei officers participating included Xiahou Dun, Cao Cao, and possibly Xu Zhu (acting as bodyguard to Cao Cao); Dian Wei had already died in battle by this point.

-Guan Du (200)-
This was a battle between Cao Cao's forces and those of the northern warlord Yuan Shao.  In the battle Cao Cao used guile to outwit Yuan Shao by convincing him that all of his able-minded retainers were plotting against him, while his untrustworthy retainers were actually loyal, Cao Cao also used quickly-built siege engines to great effect and captured Yuan Shao's supply depot to win the battle.
No Wu officers participated in the battle and the only Shu officer to participate in the battle was Guan Yu as he was currently under the care of Cao Cao - having surrendered after Cao Cao conquered Liu Bei in Xuzhou.  Wei officers who participated in the battle were Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, and Xu Zhu; again, Dian Wei had already died by this time.

-Chi Bi (208)-
The battle of Chibi occurred when Cao Cao continued his southern advance and Liu Bei's forces convinced Suan Quan's state of Wu to ally with them and declare war on Cao Cao to defend the south.  It was a large naval battle where Zhuge Liang is said to have changed the direction of the winds and Zhou Yu set fire to Cao Cao's fleet.  In the battle's aftermath Cao Cao was nearly captured, but spared by Guan Yu in return for letting him leave Cao Cao's service years earlier after Guan Du's completion (this only occurred in the novel, not historically).  All the Shu officers participated in the battle, although mostly in land-based operations; Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, and presumably Xu Chu in a bodyguard capacity participated in the battle - Dian Wei was still dead (died in 197).  Of the Wu officers only Zhou Yu participated because Taishi Ci died two years before the battle of illness (in the novel he participates in the battle and dies shortly after at the battle of Hefei), and Lu Xun was still a young minor civil official within Wu.

-Phoenix Palace (~192)-
This was a palatial estate in the capital when Dong Zhuo was acting as regent to the young Emperor, Xian.  Lu Bu met Diao Chan here in secret and she claimed to him that she loved him, but that Dong Zhuo kept her for himself as a concubine.  This is part of what led Lu Bu to assassinated Dong Zhuo.

-Great Hall, Shang Yong (-)-
Shangyong was a large commandery/district within Cao Cao's influence after he conquered the Jingzhou territories.  The Great Hall represents his palace in his capital city. In reality his capital was in the commandery of Xuchang, not Shangyong.

-Wu Zhang Plains (234)-
Zhuge Liang led the Shu army north and battle against Wei's forces.  Although the Shu forces made gains they were untenable and after Zhuge Liang's death due to fatigue/stress they were unable to conquer Wei.  No Wu officers participated in these campaigns, and only Zhuge Liang participated in these campaigns as all three Zhao Yun (229), Guan Yu (220), and Zhang Fei (221) were dead by that point (as was Liu Bei for that matter - 223).  No Wei officers participated because they had all died by this point Dian Wei in 194, Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun in 220, and Xu Zhu in 230.

-Hu Lao Gate (190)-
Hulao Gate was the scene of thee major battle between the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition and Dong Zhuo's forces that occurred after the battle of Sishui Pass wherein Guan Yu slew the indomitable warrior Hua Xiong in a duel.  Historically Sun Jian killed Hua Xiong in battle and the battle of Hulao Gate never occurred.
In the novel this is the location where Lu Bu defeats Gongsun Zan in a duel and sets him to flight, only for Gongsun be saved by Zhang Fei challenging Lu Bu to a duel.  When Lu Bu begins getting the batter of Zhang Fei, Guan Yu rides in to assist him, when Liu Bei sees that both Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are no matched for Lu Bu he rides out and the three of them fight Lu Bu together.  This had occurred after Lu Bu killed or maimed several of the Coalitions generals in earlier duels, demoralizing the Coalition army.
Eventually Lu Bu became tired and tricked Liu Bei into dodging a feigned attack, using the opportunity to flee back to Hu Lao Gate.  The Coalition forces used the momentum of Lu Bu's flight to take the gate and Dong Zhuo later abandoned the capital of Luoyang and burnt the city to the ground.  Lu Bu would go on to assassinate Dong Zhuo.  No Wu officers participated in this battle (Lu Xun was only 7 years old), although the founder of Wu's father, Sun Jian, did participate but was not in the game.  Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun participated in the campaign, but neither Dian Wei nor Xu Zhu even served Cao Cao, yet.  Guan Yu and Zhang Fei participated in the campaign with their brother, Liu Bei, but Zhao Yun was serving Gongsun Zan at the time and did not historically participate in the campaign (though he is introduced around this time in the Novel); Zhuge Liang also had not joined Liu Bei, yet.  Naturally Lu Bu also participated in the battle.

The secret characters appear in the same stage as the character whose moveset they share: Sun Shang Xiang in Chibi, Nobunaga in Hulao Gate, and Toukichi in Great Hall - Shang Yong.

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