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Resident Evil: Dead Aim is canon
While Dead Aim is more of a spinoff belonging to the Gun Survivor series (as it's known in Japan) the events of it have been mentioned in an official timeline presented in a book that was additional material to Darkside Chronicles in Japan, Inside of Biohazard Darkside Chronicles.

You can read the full translation of it at Project Umbrella but I'll just copy the relevant part of it here.

The t-Virus is stolen from the Umbrella Paris branch development laboratory.

The Umbrella-owned luxurious passenger liner "Spencer Rain" is sea-jacked and serves as a stage of bioterrorism using the stolen t-Virus. On the Spencer Rain, a secret B.O.W. auction was performed by Umbrella for a revival, but it loses many valuable samples and customers due to this terrorism.

Furthermore, under the short explanation of it in the "BIOHAZARD" List of Series Products it says "It was introduced as an "extra edition" in the "GUN SURVIVOR" series, but the world-view is the same as the main volume series."

As a personal touch, I think it only makes sense since the incident at Sheena Island is already mentioned at the beginning of Zer0 making the first Survivor canon and the fact that Dino Stalker (Gun Survivor 3) is canon to the Dino Crisis series due to the main characters from DC2 having a major appearance. This only leaves us with Survivor 2 Code: Veronica which really could as well be canon since it's only a dream of Claire's.

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