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We're Back! Game Boy, 1 of 4 or 5 versions
The Game Boy version of the game "We're Back!" developed by Beam Software (later Krome Studios) which was based on the 1993 film "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" featured 4 different IPs in other regions.

The US release was based on the film "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story".
[Image: were_back_11_box_front.jpg]

In Sweden, the game was changed to "Bamse" and was based on the Swedish cartoon character of the same name.
[Image: komplett-bamse-til-nintendo-gameboy.jpg]

In Australia, the game was called "Agro Soar" and starred the puppet host Agro.
[Image: wi9e9d.jpg]


In other parts of Europe, the game featured an original character called "Baby T-Rex".
[Image: 12664b.jpg]

It appears also a 5th version was to be released exclusively for the UK based on the BBC duck puppet Edd the Duck, but was canceled.
British magazine Game Zone in 1993 showed a preview of the game which included screenshots. The gameplay appears very similar to the previous four versions and its publisher is credited as Beam Software who also developed the others.

[Image: Edd.JPG]

Note: There was another Edd the Duck game by Zeppelin Games but not related to this one.
I remember that movie, easily one of my childhood favorites.

Why do ya figure they recycled it so much?
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I would think that perhaps "Baby T-Rex" was the original and the other 3 or 4 were skinned over because it would've been easier, also maybe because of the popularity of each at the time based on region and also licensing. Should be noted that the DOS, SNES and Genesis versions of We're Back were by different developers and featured completely different gameplay.

What also heavily suggests that "Baby T-Rex" was the original is that Beam Software's next game "Radical Rex" which was released the following year was originally titled Baby T-Rex and featured similar style gameplay and music.
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