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Switch Ports of Wii U Games?
Before you add "Switch" to some Games already up, I should clarify. C'mon, ports of Wii U Games on the Switch. There's new games that should come to their series' that the fanbase would be willing to play. Let's see if I can dismiss some.

Of course, the reason for releasing Breath of the Wild on the Switch and Wii U would be the same reason Twilight Princess was released on the Wii and Gamecube?

What you saw of Splatoon in that Switch reveal trailer could actually be a Splatoon follow up. Splatoon is Nintendo's first New IP since Pikmin, and it would be great if that were to become a franchise.

What you saw that looked like a Mario Kart 8 port might actually be Mario Kart 9, which runs on the same engine. King Boo as we know wasn't in MK8 for instance. Like with Smash Bros., there's 1 new game per system.

And a port of the Wii U Version of Smash 4? C'mon, it's the Wii U Version of Smash 4 is called Super Smash Bros. for Wii U for a reason, and it's paired with a handheld version called Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Each Smash Bros. game for each system is based on newer games since the recent one, and surely a Super Smash Bros. game on the Switch wouldn't not have stuff from games that released since Smash 4 like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Fire Emblem Fates, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Star Fox Zero, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Pokemon Sun & Moon, Breath of the Wild, and Switch Games that arrive in the years to come. Like Mario Kart, there's 1 new game per system.

Sorry if I'm talking about this on the wrong page, but we should see for ourselves in that Switch Direct in January.

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