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Smash 4 Wii U: Boxing Ring Titles
The Boxing Ring Aliases actually have some references hidden in them.

Luigi's title "The Eternal Understudy" is a reference to his unlock screen in the original Super Smash Bros.
[Image: l2SVW7g.jpg]

R.O.B.'s title "The Last of His Kind" is actually a reference to the Subspace Emissary from Brawl, in which every other ROB is destroyed, leaving him to be the last ROB.

Funny enough, many of the PAL region's Boxing Ring titles were changed. Here is a full list:

Many of the Boxing ring titles were changed the game was brought to the PAL Region.

Mario: "Mr. Video Game Himself" became "Smashes Bricks with his Fist."

Luigi: "The Eternal Understudy" became "Lean, Green Fighting Machine."

Peach: "Princess of Toadstools" became "Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom."

Bowser Jr.: "The Prince of Koopas" became "Like Father, Like Son."

Larry Koopa: "The Youngest" became "Leader of the Seven Minions."

Roy Koopa: "The Cool One" became "Fear the Shades."

Wendy Koopa: "The Bold Beauty" became "Bold, Bossy, and Big-Headed."

Morton Koopa: "The Enforcer" became "He'll Make You See Stars."

Lemmy Koopa: "Wacky War Machine" became "Let's Get Wacky."

Yoshi: "Omnivore of the Year" became "He's Not Yolking Around."

Diddy Kong: "The Acrobat" became "Trigger Happy with His Peanut Popgun."

Little Mac: "Bruiser from the Bronx" became "The Only Numbers He Knows Are 'One-Two'."

Sheik: "The Illusive Sheikah" became "A Sheikah Shrouded In Mystery."

Ganondorf: "The King of Darkness" became "The King of Evil."

Toon Link: "Wind-Waking Warrior" became "Wave-Riding, Wind-Waking Warrior".

Zero Suit Samus: "The Warrior Within" became "Low Armour, High Agility".

Pit: "Captain of Lady Palutena's Guard" became "Lady Palutena's Captain of the Guard".

Marth: "The Hero-King" became "The Legendary Hero-King."

Ike: "The Radiant Hero of Legend" became "The Radiant Hero".

Robin: "The Tactician Magician" became "The Tome-Toting Strategist".

Kirby: "The Pink Puffball" became "Gritty in Pink".

Duck Hunt (Duo): "Bark, Quack, Boom!" became "The Most Unlikely of Partnerships".

King Dedede: "The King of Dream Land" became "Says He's King, and That's That".

Fox: "Leader of Star Fox: became "Never Gives Up! Trusts His Instincts!".

Pikachu: "Pika Pika!" became "The Electric Mouse Pokemon".

Lucario: "Master of Aura" became "Exudes Power".

Jigglypuff: "The Sleepy Singer" became "The Delightful Balloon Pokemon".

Greninja: "Master of Stealth" became "The Unpredictable Ninja Pokemon".

R.O.B.: "The Last of His Kind" became "Robotic Obliterating Buddy".

Captain Falcon: "The Supersonic Slugger" became "The Supersonic F-Zero Pilot".

Wii Fit Trainer (F): "The Yoga Warrior" became "She'll Make You Feel The Burn!".

Shulk: "The Visionary" became "Has Visions of Victory".

Dr. Mario: "The Prescriber" became "Fists Full of Medicine".

Lucina: "Warrior from a Doomed Future" became "Defiant of Destiny".

Pac-Man: "The Yellow Bane of Ghosts" became "Ghost-Gobbler".

Sonic: "The Blue Blur" became "Speed is His Game".

Mega Man: "Blue Metal Hero" became "The Blue Bomber".

Wii Fit Trainer (M): "The BMI Bandit" became "He'll Blast Your Core!".

Alph: "Astronaut in Training" became "Novice Explorer, Engineering Pro".
Fox's Pal region title "Never Gives Up! Trusts His Instinct!" Is a reference to a line said by Peppy (and later said by Fox's Father) in Starfox 64.

(Peppy saying the line)

Kirby's PAL title "Gritty in Pink" is a reference to the movie "Pretty in Pink."

Sonic's PAL title "Speed's His Game!" is a quote from his line "Sonic's the name! Speed's My Game!"

Pikachu's and Jigglypuff's PAL titles are based on their Pokedex labels (The Mouse Pokemon, and the Balloon Pokemon)

Their titles in the game are "The Electric Mouse Pokemon" and "The Delightful Balloon Pokemon".

Jigglypuff's title in the NTSC version "The Sleepy Singer" is a reference to the Pokemon anime, in which every time Jigglypuff sang, it would put people to sleep.

Here is a video detailing all of the American titles:

And here is all of the PAL version titles, in written form.

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