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Top 5 Card cameos/references
I forgot if I had suggested this one to Dazz or not so if I did, feel free to remove this, but I digress.

Since these are fine in this area for discussion purposes, know any card game cards that reference something else?

I've got a few off hand.

Vampire Hunter

The Belmont Family encapsulated in a card that specializes in killing dark monsters, like vampires.

Tactical Espionage Expert

Metal Gear Solid's own Solid Snake is here to stop your opponent from unleashing metalmorph!

Itsu : Aitsu Doitsu Koitsu Soitsu

These guys are actually really nice because they're an archetype, as in they're designed to work together and are themed to do so. They're from Sexy Parodius, and they make a lot of appearances in other cards' art as well.

Getsu Fūma Den :

This series actually has two monsters, the main protagonist, and the final boss.
Getsu Fuhma, and Ryu Kokki

Goemon :

The Goemon cards are very interesting actually. They fit into an archetype referred to as "ninja" which does not only consist of them. The cards themselves are actually a more realistic re-imagining of each character, opting out of the traditional cartoon style the Goemon series is known for.
Anyone who plays Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hearthstone, Cardfight Vanguard, Pokemon, munchkin, etc. know any other cards that reference games?

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