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Double Dragon facts
I already posted a couple of DD facts but I thought these need some more information.

First, the cover and promo art for Double Dragon Advance are imitating the cover of Bruce Lee's Way of the Dragon along with lots of influences in the game being taken from Lee's movies.

Here is an interview with Muneki Ebinuma, one of the game's creators, where he mentions a lot of the game's features being influenced by Bruce Lee's movies.

Here's a side-by-side comparison I took from this site.
[Image: coverpromo_zps0ac0ca6c.png]

Lee is also mentioned in the Special Thanks section of the credits in the Japanese version.

Second I have a bunch of cut content from DDA.
  • Marian's Escape mode
  • A bunch of weapons and special moves
  • A playable prologue and additional cutscenes
  • Renegade Abobo mode where you could play as Abobo aiding Marian's escape
  • Revised enemy AI
  • The three main characters from Combatribes (Berserker, Blitz and Bullova) as playable characters in Survival Mode and an additional appearance of Marian in said mode, where she would restore your health every 20 opponents


Next up is an exclusive version of Double Dragon made specifically for Zeebo.

This game was another remake of the original Double Dragon, like Advance, but built completely from the ground up as its own, seperate game.

This version had reworked adaptations of missions 1, 2 and 4 from the original Double Dragon and three completely new missions, making it six missions in total. New enemies and bosses were introduced and a total of 18 unlockable characters for Extra Battle Mode were made. This game is only available in Portuguese and considering the niche platform it was made for, it's highly obscure for the general gaming public.

You can read a bit about the game here. It's a little over halfway through the page, under the title "The Brasilian dragon".

For the final fact I have a simple one, yet a doozy if you haven't played the Advance version. Remember the green Abobo from the original Double Dragon? He may be a palette swap of Abobo but is a completely different character named Mibobo. This was shown in Double Dragon Advance where in a cutscene after beating him you can see his name.

On a seperate note, and while I did not find any concrete evidence indicating this, there is a likely reason why he is named as he is. Midori is Japanese and means "green". Green Abobo is Mibobo. It is highly likely that the name of the character is a play on the name of Abobo and the Japanese word for green. Since, you know, the games are Japanese n' all.

[Image: mibobo_zpse4c38e25.png]

Video I took the screenshot from:

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