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Toy Time Galaxy music reference
In 1986, one year after the release of the original Super Mario Bros, Japanese record label King Records released the 12" single "Mario Syndrome" by Bonus 21, which remixed the NES game's overworld theme as an alternative dance song.

This track appears to be the basis for the Toy Time Galaxy theme in 2007's Super Mario Galaxy, which features a noticeably similar remix of the Super Mario Bros. theme. This rendition of the song features similar instrumentation and compositional choices when compared to "Mario Syndrome", though foregoes the dance elements of the 1986 remix (e.g. gated drums and high-register bass) in favor of a more concise and Koji Kondo-esque presentation.

The Toy Time Galaxy theme was later remixed in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as the theme to the Supermassive Galaxy level, while maintaining much of the similarities to "Mario Syndrome".

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