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Twitch is doing Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes are the bane of the industry these days. Even games that have no business having them like Mass Effect 3 were littered with them to help players gamble their money away and if the recent interview with Manveer Heir is to be believed, which I think it is, people spent as much as $15,000 on them, and it's safe to say the ways they are implemented now compared to then, are more likely to cause those on Twitch and on games that have them, to be suckered into them. That interview was detailed by the way in this video: 

I suggest you watch that if you want more info on how EA is focusing on making games that are easier to monetize with microtransactions, loot boxes and the like. 

Either way though, what are your thoughts on Twitch having Loot Boxes. To me, having a game have them can be bad enough, but when a company who only allows people to play games on their site has them, it's a very bad sign. Loot Boxes, if not put into check in some regard, will become such a problem that the general consumer will stop buying games, because they will be difficult to impossible to play without spending extra money for no reason other than being forced. I get that when a game is made, selling it for 60 dollars flat, isn't always, if ever enough to make a profit, and triple-A games are expensive, but Loot Boxes are far too anti-consumer. Let's hope things go well in the UK after that petition, because the ESRB and Pegi seem to have no interest in doing anything about it. You can read about the Petition here if you'd like:
We're all fucked in regards to ethics recently with this industry.

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