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RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 01-31-2019

I knew about this article for almost two years now, yet for some strange reason I never read it until now.

And you know what? It was worth it. Definitely an enjoyable read.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-05-2019

Kabal confirmed for Mortal Kombat 11.

EDIT: D'Vorah is also confirmed.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-07-2019

Cyborg Raidou is the latest addition to the DOA6 roster.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-10-2019

Guts Man Crossover Costume for Balrog coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Extra Battle on February 15th

RE: Fighting Games - Berry - 02-14-2019

An MK11 reveal.

Loving the character design for Jade.

Torn between getting the PS4 or Switch version, though I most likely will be getting it for the Switch.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-17-2019

Here you have it, all of the announcements they made during this year's edition of EVO Japan.

Mai Shiranui and Another KOF XIV Headed to Dead or Alive 6, Deluxe Demo Announced

Amy Sorel Announced for Soul Calibur VI, Customize Parts (DLC3) Arriving Feb. 19th, 2019

Blazblue Crosstag Battle will be getting four new characters.

Julia Chang and TWD' Negan will join the TEKKEN 7 roster on February 28th.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-19-2019

Soul Calibur VI - Ver 1.20 Official Patch Notes

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-21-2019

Alex Getting Red Earth-inspired Leo Costume in SFV: Arcade Edition

May 17th will be the release date for the Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary pack.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-23-2019

Megaman and Roll costumes coming to Street Fighter V.

RE: Fighting Games - Berry - 02-27-2019

Johnny Cage is coming to Mortal Kombat 11 with a pretty sick fatality.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-27-2019

Capcom Pro Tour 2019 DLC Revealed for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

EVO 2019 Main Stage Games Lineup Announced

A new trailer for Samurai Shodown (2019) has been released.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-28-2019

TEKKEN 7 Ver 2.20 Now Available Worldwide, Adds Julia, Negan, 4 New Stages & Other Enhancements

Hey, folks! Remenber how back in the day many people (myself included) thought that:

1. Necalli was going to absorb all of Ryu's Sautsui no Hado, thus explaining why he no longer struggles with it by the time of SF3?

2. How Swamp Thing was going to be a top tier character in Injustice 2 based on his character reveal alone?

*chuckles* We were so naive back then...

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 03-06-2019


Story trailer:

Cassie dialogue with Geras:

Kano gameplay:

Johnny Cage gameplay:

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 03-10-2019

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 03-16-2019