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RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-09-2017

Arc System Works Announces Dragon Ball Fighters for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 patch adds more story content, fixes bugs

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-15-2017

But in all seriousness, the game is only 20% done yet the detail and fan service put into it is already trough the roof. I can't wait to see what the funished product looks like.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-15-2017

This.... this is just beautiful *stars crying*

RE: Fighting Games - BumblebeeCody - 06-16-2017

God fucking DAMN do I want Dragonball Fighter Z

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-17-2017

The King of Fighters XIV is now available on Steam!

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-18-2017

Man, its been like three months since the last time a new profile was uploaded to the CFN website. For those unaware, here's the complete list of characters that haven't recieved a profile:
  • Guile's wife
  • Blanka's mother
  • Elena's Japanese school friend
  • Rufus' girlfriend
  • Hakan's wife and daughters
  • Viper's daughter
  • OG Geki (the one who got a profile was his succesor)
  • Shin (Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation)
  • The Andore Family
  • Final Fight 2's enemies
  • Final Fight 3's enemies and bosses
  • Cyber-Akuma
  • Fallen Balrog (Cannon Spike)
  • Zero-Gouki (Cyberbots)
  • Dr. Senoh
  • Vega/Claw's mother (she was mentioned over and over in his backstory)
  • Remy's dead sister
There are also the characters from the "expanded universe" of Street Fighter such as the cast of Rival Schools and Slam Masters, but those can come later. The main priorities are listed above (not because I said so, but because there are all part of the main SF continuity... minus the alternate versions of pre-existing characters, of course). 

Now, as for the lack profiles: Nobody knows for sure. Personally, I believe that the reason behind this is that -aside from Nakayama having a tight schedule- Capcom JP is wainting for the English website to catch up with translating the rest of the profiles and similar content.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-19-2017

Killer Instinct coming to Steam later this year

Capcom enters into cross-licensing agreement with Bandai Namco for “online matching” content development

Arc System Works announces the date and games for Arc Revolution Cup 2017

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-21-2017

PSN is offering a "Double Discount" until 6/27 which includes several NeoGeo games such as Last Blade 2 and Garou: MOTW.!/en-us/double-discount-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-DUBDISCOUNTG/1

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-22-2017

Future Trunks joins Dragon Ball FighterZ as a playable character

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-22-2017

More school costumes coming to Street Fighter 5 on June 27th (gotta love how Ibuki gets a redundant Schoolgirl costume when that's already her default)

So there's an app called "Tekken Chicken" that let's you check the frame data for every character's move set in TEKKEN 7.  You can see detailed information for all of them, such as damage, hit level, and properties on block, hit, counter hit, and speed. 

More info:

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-23-2017

Dragon Ball FighterZ is already available for pre-order

Capcom Aware of Botched Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Character Designs, Hopes to Fix Prior to Launch

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-25-2017

The official Killer Instinct Youtube channel uploaded a video detailing the latest patch fro the game:

Man, the lack of SFV related news is almost disturbing....

Come on, Capcom! Who is the new Character?

It is Abigail from the Final Fight series as many people seem to believe? Or it is actually the in-universe equivalent of DC's Gorilla Grood (as seen in Ed's character story)

[Image: 2bNwR4a_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=high]

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-26-2017

So Eric is doing Virtua Fighter videos now? Nice.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-29-2017

At long last, the CFN website released another profile, and it's none other than Hakan's wife! As usual, the translation was provided by Miðgarðsorm from the SRK forums.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 06-30-2017


Arika will be showing off their "Fighting EX Layer" project at Evo 2017.

Get hype!!