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RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-12-2017

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-14-2017

Today, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios confirmed Swamp Thing as the latest playable character for Injustice 2.

The game isn't even out yet and already found my main!

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-15-2017

Following yesterday's Swamp Thing reveal, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios dropped the "Here Come The Girls" trailer today, showing off the first gameplay footage of Cheetah, Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-17-2017

Today CFN profile are Yuriko Hibiki (Dan's sister in the 'Marvel vs Capcom' continuity), David Spender and Gillian Leigh (the last two are investigators working for the CIA, they were featured in Q's ending). The translation was provided by Miðgarðsorm from the SRK forums:

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, both of the profiles below MUST be read with the right theme in the background

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-17-2017

Ultra Street Fighter 2 Color Edit & Gallery Modes Confirmed, New The Way of Hado Screenshots

Despite of what I have previously said about the game, I gotta admit that the "way of the hado" mode looks fun. Also, modes like color edit and gallery are always welcome.

Japanese KOF Interest Survey Results

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-18-2017

At The King of Fighters XIV World Championships, SNK announced some new content coming soon to the game!

Titan Comics Producing New TEKKEN Comic Series, Preview of Interior Pages & Cover Art

RE: Fighting Games - BumblebeeCody - 02-19-2017

(02-12-2017, 10:27 AM)Zpace Jockey Wrote:

I ended up playing Dragonuv during Tag 2 for a bit because of Nobi. Love watch his Drag' play.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-20-2017

Today CFN profile is Captain Sawada (A character from the SF live-action movie). The translation was provided by Miðgarðsorm from the SRK forums:

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-22-2017

The lastest DLC for KOF XIV is available in the form of a classic Iori costume (Originally a exclusive for the special chinese edition).

RE: Fighting Games - BumblebeeCody - 02-24-2017

I was excited to go to UMvC3 on Xbox One....but it's 20th of March. Not Feb. Ugghhh

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-26-2017

I know this is probably old news, but some aspects of the SFV story mode were actually foreshadowed in Gill's ending for Street Fighter III: Second Impact, 19 years before SFV release (start watching at the 13:50 mark)

Now that is some attention to detail.

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 02-27-2017

First Images of Arc System Works Collaboration Costumes in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

RE: Fighting Games - BumblebeeCody - 02-28-2017

Oh man I'm getting back in KOF. Learning taps is just breaking my balls off. But(!) I did manage to get a Venom Arcade stick for £27 new. So that is a bargain!

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 03-01-2017

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite not forced to be tied to any comic or movie canon and will allow the developers creative freedoms


I'm the only one here who wants Eric Jacobus to replace Mokujin in Tekken 7?

RE: Fighting Games - ZpaceJ0ck0 - 03-03-2017

Doctor Fate is the latest addition to the Injustice 2 roster:

Iron Galaxy revealed a teaser for the next KI character; Shin Hisako.

Also, this morning, Bandai Namco released the official TEKKEN 7 reveal trailer for returning series veteran, Eddy Gordo!