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Overwatch Early Development Gameplay Trivia - Psychospacecow - 11-06-2017

Overwatch Early Development Gameplay

0:45 The first time anything was rendered in-engine was in September 2013. It was a "proprietary engine made from scratch"

0:55 When Tracer was first implemented during development, she didn't have guns and shot laser beams out of her eyes.

1:10 The first playtest happened in November 2013 and only featured Tracer.

2:03 - Reaper's model was used as a scale during development.

2:28 - Early animation prototypes for Tracer had aggressive headbob which made headshots difficult.

2:39 - In January of 2014 to , the game was playable to an extent. The only playable character was Tracer, health packs worked, Temple of Anubis was composed of Grey blocks, and capture points were functional.

4:38 - Widowmaker's ultimate originally put markers above characters' heads because the team hadn't yet managed to get silhouettes to render through walls.

4:46 - In May of 2014, Hanzo was first implemented. His scatter arrow was first called Ricochet Shot. Dragon Strike was labeled Spirit Dragon and was composed of orange spheres. The team called this iteration of Dragon Strike "The Caterpillar".

6:06 - Torbjorn was first implemented in April 2014.

6:20 - Reinhardt had the ability to throw his hammer during development.

6:49 - April 2014. Mercy was implemented. Mercy's healing was green initially.

7:25 - Reinhardt's charge originally had no startup time. In some developer versions, he would run instead of charge with his armor's thruster.

7:35 - The payload was originally a truck during development. Its icon was the Doge meme.

8:30 Winston's leap originally had a targeting indicator in the form of a banana with a circle on it where he would land.

8:50 Volskaya Industries was implemented. It originally had a capture point that also functioned as a payload.

9:40 Hanzo's in May of 2014 used the third person animations from Reaper.

10:10 Before his first person model was implemented, Zenyatta held Tracer's gun.

10:13 June 2014 - Hanamura was implemented. Point B originally had a circular design. (11:11 The victory pose location for this map was known as "The Hot Tub" by the dev team, because character were partially submerged in the map. It was the origin point of the map, and the victory pose placement hadn't been done yet.)

10:45 - Torbjorn originally had a mechanic where he had to place "the stub of a turret" before building up his turret to the point it could shoot.

11:18 Symmetra's testing in June of 2014 featured small Torbjorn turrets in place of what would be her own turrets. The teleporter was functional.

11:40 one of Bastion's early ultimates was a volley of bouncing grenades.

12:14 - August 2014, McCree and Roadhog models were implemented.

12:30 Genji originally only had the dragonblade. He could "perch" on walls, sitting in place without falling.