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Double Dragon miscellaneous - Kakariko Kid - 03-24-2016

Billy Lee had a cameo appearance as one of the audience members in WWF Superstars.

[Image: 2408639-billy_lee_cameo.jpg]
[Image: latest?cb=20120904200803]

RE: Double Dragon miscellaneous - Kakariko Kid - 03-24-2016

Brothers Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee are playable characters in the NES port of Super Spike V'ball (the arcade version is titled U.S. Championship V'ball).

[Image: tumblr_inline_n7lw7rJYHD1qjpxnu.png]

[Image: SSVB04.jpg]

RE: Double Dragon miscellaneous - Kakariko Kid - 03-25-2016

In the first Double Dragon game, Billy Lee (first player, older brother) wears blue and has blonde hair and Jimmy Lee wears red and has brown hair. After this, there have been inconsistencies with this and between box art and game releases.

Double Dragon
[Image: 220px-DDArcade.png]

Double Dragon Advance (remake of the 1987 arcade Double Dragon) box art. The pose is an homage to Way of the Dragon, a movie starring Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.
[Image: 256px-Double_Dragon_Advance_cover.jpg]
[Image: Way-of-the-Dragon-bruce-lee-27605335-386-500.jpg]
[Image: 51VQEGUguFL._SY400_.jpg]

Double Dragon II: The Revenge
[Image: double_dragon_ii.png?w=600&h=524]

Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone
[Image: gfs_4909_2_33_mid.jpg]

Double Dragon III NES box art
[Image: 49079_front.jpg]

Super Double Dragon box art
[Image: 250px-SNS-WD-USA.gif]

Box art for Battletoads & Double Dragon
[Image: 220px-BattleToadsDoubleDragon.jpg]

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls SNES box art
[Image: 250px-Ddvsnes.gif]
Gameplay shots
[Image: 117639-double-dragon-v-the-shadow-falls-...a99e63.gif]
[Image: gfs_40177_2_1_mid.jpg]

Double Dragon Neon
[Image: DOUBLEDR--Double%20Dragon%20NeoGeo_Nov10%2023_38_02.png]