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Warcraft's got a lot of stuff to work with. - Psychospacecow - 10-17-2015

I know you guys are usually looking more towards Youtube for suggestions. I was reading the Assassin's Creed one that was just posted and it seemed to mostly just be people complaining that Assassin's creed was a thing.
I'm just throwing this idea out here for the lulz I guess, but Warcraft as a series has
1. One of the most successful strategy rpgs of all time which is also responsible for the entire genre of DOTAs like League, DOTA, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, etc.
2. The most successful MMO in history.
3. An extremely successful and popular card game (two card games, but you know I'm talking about Hearthstone.)
4. Numerous cameos in other Blizzard titles.
5. A movie in the works.
6. A new expansion in the works for the mmo.
7. A recent expansion for the mmo.
8. A lot of recent drama for said recent expansion including playerbase issues.

Sorry if this comes off as poorly thought out or anything bad. It is poorly thought out because its 2 am right now and I'm not thinking or phrasing things.