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Patreon - Dazz - 12-20-2014

Hey guys. We've made the executive decision to remove ads from VGFacts entirely. We felt that they detracted from the user experience of the site, and that the site itself should be an enjoyable play to hang out and view for everyone.

Today we'd like to announce our launch of a Patreon campaign. Please see the following video for more information:

As we mention on our Patreon page, VGFacts will always remain open without user contributions, but they will help us to improve features and maintenance of the site. You can see more on the page if you're interested. I know a number of users requested we open a donations system in place of ads, and we think this is the best means of doing that.

I hope that you approve of this change, and please be aware, this simply means that we don't have any ads on the site. That's always a benefit to everyone! :)

All the best,

RE: Patreon - TheTrueBoss997 - 12-20-2014

I'm glad you guys went in with this idea, at the moment I can only give $2 a month. But coming February I'm planning on putting more in. I think it's a good idea to support you guys because this site is just wondeful!!

RE: Patreon - G-Haven - 12-20-2014

Throwing 8 bucks in at the moment. Nice that this site is getting a patreon as well.

RE: Patreon - CosmykTheDolfyn - 12-22-2014

Glad to see this and I'm sure it will help the community. I'll throw in $10 a month for now.