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Kirby & the Rainbow Curse has an Unused Waddle Dee

Here's a gameplay video of all 3 Waddle Dees (Red, Yellow and Green) that players with Wii Remotes can assist you with in the game, but in the game's promotional art from E3 2014, it appears that there was to be a 4th Waddle Dee as well, of which wasn't seen in the Final Game, as seen in this screenshot.:
[Image: latest?cb=20140611201300&path-prefix=en]
Not much Wii U games have used 5 Players throughout the years, not even this game and SM3DW, namely just it's launch games and Mario Party 10. This unused Waddle Dee is Cyan Coloured FYI.
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Could link the page the screenshots are from perhaps.
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(02-09-2017, 03:10 AM)Psychospacecow Wrote: Could link the page the screenshots are from perhaps.

*I'm trying to find somewhere that has this image that's not from a wiki (this is the image I had been trying to attach into this Trivia Evidence Piece), and one that would be a reliable source (screenshot links are not that).

UPDATE: Problem solved, seems like images don't just get put onto pages by attaching them after all. I was able to copy and paste the image in. I wonder if I should consider doing that with Trivia Evidence more often.

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