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CoD: Black Ops Indiana Jones Refrence?
I was on the web yesterday and came across this clip from the infamous Indian Jones movie: Legend of the Crystal Skull...

Now my first thought after watching this is...
"Hey isn't that Nuketown from Call of Duty: Black Ops?"
[Image: Nuke-town.jpg]
I mean it makes sense that it would be a refrence to the film.
They have the same 60's feel, same creepy maniquns dotted around, same designs.
And Crystal Skull did come out in 2008, 3 years prior to Black Ops.
But I'm not 100% sure and I want to be before I sumbit it.
What do you guys think?

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You know I was thinking the same thing. A town full of maniqns in the 60's that looks very clean and associated with a nuke. It almost seems like it was made just to be concted to the movie. The only thing that makes me doubt it is the lack of anything Indy on the map (to my knowledge). It's really close so I not know what to say.
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I wanted to argue this, but apparently you're pretty much on the ball here;

"In a Treyarch interview, David Vonderhaar said that the map was inspired by the scene in the 2008 film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in which Jones, pursued by Soviet soldiers, comes across a nuclear testing site with a replica of a typical 50s suburb and survives the nuclear blast by hiding in a refrigerator."

No reference though, so I'd look for that.
(06-06-2014, 03:39 PM)G-Haven Wrote: No reference though, so I'd look for that.

I would suggest the same. I've seen similar settings in a lot of fiction.
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