Full Version: Cécile from MGS: Peace Walker
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Hi :D,

The character "Cécile Cosima Caminades" is actually based on the French Communications Manager of Konami "Cécile Caminades".
[Image: a100428-gameblog-chez-kojima-03.jpg]

[Image: a100705-hideo-kojima-cecile-caminades.jpg]

This is the only interview i can found around the net and it's in French :D

Peace Walker world tour 2010 Paris

"Cécile likes Kojima's works and she is really satisfied of her character in the game.
Hideo Kojima asked her 2 years before the game release to be in a MGS game, she accept it."

Kaz mentions in a codec conversation that Cécile's full name looks like a sentence in Japanese "Kojima Kaminandesu" for "Kojima is God".

Sorry if my English is hard to understand :S