Full Version: Ratchet and Clank unused weapon
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On the cover of the NTSC version, there's a number of weapons in the background. One near clanks head says ______NTO-RAY. Nothing in the final game has something named ______NTO-RAY or at least looks something like it. On the wiki there's info on a cut weapon called the Giganto Ray. So it's most likely that weapon.

Sorry if I shouldn't post here, i couldn't find any other sources other than that one.
Sounds good to me. Can you provide a picture of the cover? That'd more or less solidify it.
For some reason, trying to attach my image has a message saying it's not allowed, So I put it on imgur.
Ooh, nice find!

Btw. It's near Ratchet's head, not Clank's ;P