Full Version: Unused model in Wind Waker
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So yeah at some point i was ripping models from TLOZ : wind waker to submit them to he models resource, and i found this

i tried to make a page on the zelda wiki for this, but they didn't want, i'm sure you guys will love this creepy shit

"Tincle" is the name of a folder in The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker's maps and stage model directory (res/Stage/tincle). The model presents the interior of a house, which only uses two textures. The first is a mess of paint with what appears to be a cat-eye face standing out, this texture covers the walls, ceiling, canvas, canvas borders, and much more. The second is a regular wood texture, soiled by black, green, red, blue, and yellow paint lines, which is used for the ceiling fan, table, door(..?).

[Image: windwakerwtf1.png]
The "tincle" house.

[Image: windwakerwtf2.png]
The canvas. Note that the borders share the same texture as the painting.

[Image: windwakerwtf3.png]
The table, using the second texture.

[Image: windwakerwtf4.png]
The ceiling fan, which has strings hanging from it.

[Image: windwakerwtf5.png]
There is what appears to be a door, which is tiny compared to the house itself. Despite that, it floats in the middle of the door path.

and seriously, why did they use the catface texture for the borders of the canvas, they couldve used the wood
It would be better if you submit it on the website.
I remember seeing you discuss this before; this is pretty interesting! I look forward to accepting the trivia submission! :D
oh, i thought this was the place to submit trivia

i'll put it on the website then

should i just copy paste what i wrote here or do you have something better i should write ?
Write a condensed version, and use this topic as your source. :)
done !

i had no source, since i saw it myself
i hope that's not a problem
Its probably just a test room that they didn't remove.
It's probably something they used before they started doing the cell shading art style.