Full Version: Katana Kami: Collected Trivia
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The sword "Kosugi" is a reference to Japanese actor and martial artist Sho Kosugi, who became famous for starring in many ninja movies in the eighties and whose characters often used a similar sword.

[Image: KATANAKAMI-20200419134752.png]

[Image: kosugi-ninja-snap.png]
Still from "Revenge of the Ninja" (1983)

The "Buddha Head" item might be a reference to the movie "Ong Bak".

In the movie, the head of the eponymous buddha statue gets stolen from the temple of the village Nong Pradu. The villagers then send their strongest fighter, Ting (played by Tony Jaa), to retrieve it.

[Image: KATANAKAMI-20200415120648.png]

[Image: ongbak-snap.jpg]
Still from the movie "Ong Bak" (2003). Note the headless buddha in the foreground.